Security :


Industrial Security :

The true objectives of industrial security are profit productivity. This indicates some elements of security staff roles,the knowledge and skills and personal characteristics.

Sufficient knowledge of the activities of the site or the area of the site, at which identify unusual or abnormal events or behavior.  
Thorough knowledge of procedures, documentation, materials etc which are to be checked.  
Trained observation skills and ability to be vigilant.  
Security, fire and safety knowledge sufficient to enable to identify risk that may be encountered in daily routine.  
Ability to make simple report on an incident or risk either verbally or, preferably, in writing.  
Good interpersonal skills for both routine and more difficult situations.  

Strong motivation and communications to the provision of a service that protects the site, promote good relations within the organisation and enhances the organisations image externally.

This is an important aspect Scale and nature of the equipment consistent with the type of risk
Fire Alarms
Type of extinguishers
Training of personal and rehearsal
Precaution against inflammable materials
Physical Security:
Access Control: it is nothing but recognizing the bona fide men, material and vehicles.
Searching of employees
Control room near the gate
Parking space
Watch tower
Character verification
Close watch on personnel working aspect