About Us :

Colonel Kurup K. Raghavan
Bsc, M Tech, MIE,
Managing Director

Colonel Kurup K Raghavan (Retd) is a die-hard soldier for life. A leading battleltank technocrat, he has been in action in the 1971 war and in counterinsurgency operations in India and abroad. Colonel Kurup has brought glory to our country not just through his leadership in battle, but also through conceptual development of battletanks and amphibious armoured vehicles like T-72s, BMPs and Topaz. A disciplinarian, with a zest for timeliness and precision, Colonel Kurup ensures he and his Group 7 are bang and officer and a gentleman. After retirement from the army, he earnestly felt the need for total security apparatus. He founded Group 7 to fulfill this need. No matter what the requirement, Group 7 under Colonel Kurup delivers on time, on target, always and every time.

  Here’s a security service with a difference. Group 7 in a nutshell is military corporatised.  
Founded by one of India’s leading battletank technocrats, Colonel Kurup K Raghavan in 1999, Group 7 is well-known for its military like discipline and precision honed to perfection.
At the helm are some leading experts in the field of security. Investigation and vigilance form the enviable Group 7 team that drives effective security deliverables and state-of-the-art electronic protection to new levels of excellence.
At Group 7, our security experts put into place meticulous planning worked to the last detail. Our processes are seamless with systemic functioning and built-in preventive controls. Moreover, we provide security soldiers, not guards, who are equipped to deal with demanding emergency situations.
As a salient feature, our offerings are custom-built, integrated security systems to cater to every specific need of the end user. At Group 7, we constantly innovate, integrate and deliver.
Along with security expertise, we bring unmatched integrity and synergy, yielding greater return on investment of our clients. That’s our famed G-7 Factor contributing to the growth of our clients businesses.
  Group 7 brings an ideal man-machine mix. Our trained and motivated guard force is at the beck and call for all security and administrative assignments.  
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   To become a world-class organization    offering the most foolproof security solutions.
    To conceptualize, design and deliver     comprehensive security solutions for our     clients worldwide.